Portable Pocket Telescopic Mini Fishing Pole Pen Shape Folded

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This Mini Fishing Pole Pen Shape Folded Set has been designed for beginners and all-rounder. It is made of lightweight fiberglass for portable use. Telescopic fishing rods are specially designed for convenient carrying. Ideal for fishing on the coast, reefs, and ideal for travel and vacation. A pad for comfortable holding is attached.

Fishing Pole Pen Shape Folded Fishing Rod with an ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable and easier to fishing. The telescopic fishing rod is ultralight and telescopic, which can easily fit in a car trunk, boat hatch, or backpack.


  • A pen-sized fishing rod is extendable, perfect for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient. Closed length: 20.5cm(8.1″). Extended length: 99cm(39″).
  • High-hardness aluminum alloy brass fishing reel with forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.
  • The reel attaches between 2 grooves in the pen body. Compact, lightweight body fits in a pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack, etc.


  • Material: aluminum alloy brass
  • Color: As pictures show
  • Length of the body: 7cm/2.7" (approx)
  • Dia: 3cm/1.2" (approx)
  • Weight: Approx.70g
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Category: Rivulet Fish Rod
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Top Diameter: 2mm

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