ICE Drip Wood Coffee Dripper Percolator

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Ice Coffee Drip Coffee Maker is a high-quality high-temperature resistant glass. As we knew, no coffee equals the balancing siphon in brewing in purest coffee. One of the stylish, inspiring, and exclusive ways to make coffee is with a balancing siphon.

Ice Drip Coffee Brewer Reusable Glass Filter Tools in the alchemical display of kettle, pipes, and counterweight, are guaranteed, just as it did for Frans Jozef and establish, to impress friends and relatives, while also making a darn good if a not perfect cup of coffee.


  • Using ice or cold water and takes 6~12hours for extraction. Make your own unique flavor coffee and taste the wine of coffee. It's the extraction method found out by former dutch colonial merchants to keep and drink coffee for a long time during the transportation of coffee from Indonesia to Europe.
  • For extraction, drop the cold water at room temperature for 6~12 hours; It has almost no caffeine which is coming out below 5 degrees; It has less astringe taste and less tannin which is come out below 5 degrees;
  • The matured coffee by one day or so tastes like wine which is full of aroma and unique taste; That's why people called it the wine of coffee; It tastes like plenty of fruit with smooth flavor and lasts a long time; 


  • Type: Coffee & Tea Tools
  • Classification: American
  • Number of Users: 3
  • Specification: 600ml
  • Material: Wood
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Capacity: 601-700ml
  • Style: Classic
  • Housing material: High-quality Glass&Wood
  • Capacity: 350ml 600ml 800ml
  • Handle design: Portable Water/drip coffee maker
  • Glass: high-temperature resistant glass

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