2 in 1 Anti Barking Dog Training Device

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Anti Barking Device Handheld Training aid emits a powerful (yet harmless) ultrasonic sound, teaching your dog to associate the unpleasant sound with disobeying commands to stop barking. Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the Anti Barking Device can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors.

Anti Barking Device Trains Dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking! Harmless and humane ultrasonic to deter dogs from annoying and aggressive behaviors. Lightweight and portable handheld device. Works up to 50 feet. Requires battery (NOT INCLUDED).


  • Quality Matters: Designed from high-quality materials to ensure the effectiveness of electric parts. 
  • Safe & Humane: There is no harm to your dog as this bark control device is gentle to your pet by warning without physical harm.No bark collars no pain solution based on humane technology.
  • Effective for Dog Training: The ultrasonic anti-barking device combines dog training and bark control. It can also help to train your dogs to stop unwanted behavior, such as digging, eat something dirty, or fighting.


  • Unit Type: piece
  • Net weight: 97 g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Maximum current: 130 mA
  • Dimensions: 13x4x2.6 cm
  • Sound Pressure: 130dB
  • Created: 9 V battery (not included)
  • Color: Black and Yellow Frequency: 25 kHz
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Cross-stitch embroidery Package Dimensions: 107 g
  • Package Size: 10cm x 18cm x 10cm (3.94in x 7.09in x 3.94in)
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